How do I think about Japan’s new Prime Minister Yoshihide ?

How do I think about Japan’s new Prime Minister Yoshihide ?
2020年9月19日 leakaquare
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A new leader has elected, his name is Yoshihide Suga. Who is new Japan’s leader and why he elected, what will he do in next Japan’s future?

Personal history

He was born 6 December 1948, and the son of a strawberry farmer, Suga grew up in rural Akita prefecture in northern Japan and left for Tokyo instead of taking over his family’s farm. Suga moved to Tokyo after graduating from high school, where he enrolled in Hosei University.
He worked at a cardboard(ダンボール) factory before entering university.

Suga was elected in 1996 at age 47, maybe it’s a late start compared to politicians like Abe. Abe Shinzo elected to parliament at 29. Before that, Suga was a secretary to a former trade minister and a Yokohama city assemblyman(下院議員).

“I jumped into politics, where I had no connection or relatives, literally(文字通り) starting from zero,” he said when accepting his nomination as leader of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party.

He looks like Toyotomi Hideyoshi the feudal(封建) lord and chief Imperial minister (1585–98), who completed the 16th-century unification(統一) of Japan begun by Oda Nobunaga. But he is a farmer and longevity.

And he became the chief cabinet secretary under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe from 2012 to 2020 and now become the prime minister of Japan.

As Abe’s top spokesman, Suga stand in front of him, and tell daily news briefings, one of which led to him being known as “Uncle Reiwa(the name for Japan’s next Imperial era name)” .

About his reputation

His reputation for being a hard-nosed(鼻っ柱が強い、強情) lieutenant(官房長官) . His stance of politics is a close ally(同盟)of Mr Abe, the new prime minister is expected to continue his predecessor’s policies.
And what he want to achieve is deal with coronavirus-hit economy, the country’s low birth rate, geopolitical tensions and the US-China rivalry. This problem we should solve.

Prime Minister Suga says “self-reliance, mutual assistance, and public support.” It sounds very much like the perspective of a self-made man that had to work hard to get to where he is now. But there are people in the world who are not rewarded for their efforts. He want to support that who once one strays from the path. We should get back on track.

Political policy

About domestic politics, Suga maybe leftist. And about wealth disparity, How he reduce the gap between self-reliance style and narrow the gap between the wealthy and the poor. The coronavirus pandemic=China virus is a big impact. We should think and fight with this gap. And figuring that out is the role that the public wants the government to take on.

In terms of Japan’s relationship with the U.S., Seventy-five years have passed since World War II ended. He and most Japanese think we should maintain a stable Japan-U.S. In order to get a great relationship with US, what we wish is change the President Trump to Baiden. But U.S also solve about the racial discrimination and wealth-poor gap.
And Our main goal is not an American dream but fight for China and communism to keep the world peaceful.

US, Japan, Germany, England etc.. we do huge Investment to China and wish to become our allies, but it didint.
China’s Challenge to American Hegemony to defeat America and become the world king.

We never hope that. We have to end their action.

Suga has emphasized that he aims to break down vertically divided bureaucracy(官僚), vested interests(既得権益), and bad precedentism(先例主義), and to conduct regulatory reform.


With Yoshihide Suga formally appointed as prime minister, and all eyes will be watching to see how the newly minted leader will steer Japan.

His select is better I think. Because he did chief cabinet secretary for 8 years and he watched many politician what political ideas the have, and who efficient at work?

But we careful about Toshihiro Nikai. because Secretary-General Toshihiro Nikai is closed to china.
It’s not good for Japan and worldwide peace.

The first faction leader to announce his support for Suga was Nikai.

Many will refer to Nikai as the “kingmaker” or “shadow shogun,” but he has only managed to stay relevant for the past eight years by being the most opportunistic cheerleader for Shinzo Abe and now, Suga.

But otherwise, Taro Kono is interesting. Defense Minister Taro Kono became the minister for administrative reform — one of Suga’s pet issues — and was replaced by Nobuo Kishi, Abe’s younger brother, who is promoted to his first-ever cabinet post. He is well known for diplomatics problems. I hope for his action.

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